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2018 Limited Selection Merlot

Our Limited Selection 2018 Merlot is a beautiful Napa Merlot aged for 24 months in French oak. This full bodied wine delivers dark fruit notes of plum and blackberry layered with dark chocolate or cocoa powder.

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2019 Pur Elevation

On the nose, this Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc blend is an elegant golden color. Pur Elevation is a wonderfully aromatic and medium bodied white wine with citrus and apple fruit notes that delight the taster. 

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2019 Pur Euphoria

This Tempranillo rosé is intensely aromatic. On the nose, Euphoria gives strong citrus and floral notes. This wine is light bodied with medium plus acid. Euphoria delivers notes of pink grapefruit, watermelon and strawberry.

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2018 Pur Epiphany

Our proprietary red blend is a lush, full bodied, and fruit forward wine that delivers Plum, Blackberry, and blueberry with hints of spice. The wine finishes with warm vanilla and a touch of black pepper notes. 

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Trois Euphoria

Three times the rosé means three times the Euphoric feeling that it gives you and who wouldn't want that? Purchase this three bottle bundle and save on your wine. 

Trois Elevation

Three bottles of Pur Elevation to make sure that you stay leveled up! The perfect summer refreshment and great for pairing with seafood. Purchase this bundle and save big on your wine. 

Euphoric Elevation

Everyone's favorite refreshing bundle! Two bottles of Pur Euphoria Rosé and one bottle of Pur Elevation. Purchase this three bottle bundle and save on your wine. 

Elevated Euphoria

Looking for something refreshing? This bundle is the perfect combination. The best of both worlds. Elevate your summer to a state of Euphoria. Save on your wine by purchasing this bundle. 

Holiday Trio

Just in time for the Holidays, get Pur Noire's Limited Selection Merlot along with Pur Elevation and Pur Euphoria.