2018 Pur Epiphany



A moment of sudden revelation or insight.

A surprising but welcomed inspiration resulted in a wine passionately crafted for those that aspire to more. The blend is a lush, full bodied, and fruit forward wine that finishes warm on the back of the palate. Bold, smooth, and as complex as those who drink it, our wine is perfect for any occasion. May every glass bring a revelation of your passions and every bottle an understanding of your purpose.

Varietal: Petite Sirah Blend

ABV: 15.4%

Tasting Notes

This Petite Sirah, five varietal blend has a beautiful deep ruby color. On the nose, it gives dark fruit and spice notes. At the front of the palate Epiphany delivers Plum, Blackberry, and blueberry. The wine is full bodied and smooth with medium tannins. Midpalate the wines complexity and balance is showcased as it seamlessly moves from fruit to spice. Aged in French oak, the wine finishes with warm vanilla and a touch of black pepper.

Pairing Suggestions: Lamb, Barbecue, Roasted Pork, Ribs

$55.00 /750ml